Managing Change is important because…
1. …our world is constantly changing and we must fully engage with that change
2. …new opportunities are out there and we can make the most of them
3. …change refreshes and provides new challenges – and opportunities
4. …change creates stimuli for us – and our people
5. …in the safe place you create, your people love the excitement of change
6. …change facilitates creativity, ideas and fun
7. …change stretches individuals when they are encouraged to be actively involved
8. …it provides the opportunities to maximize individual performance
9. …in corporates’ it’s often ‘the way it is’, so support it
10. …change is fun, demanding and exciting when your people feel free to explore

Managing change is a critical skill for managers to perfect. Efficiently and effectively using change for the better is the only way forward in a world as fast-paced, innovative and challenging as we face, every single day in our role.