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Peter Koestenbaum, Ph.D., founder and Chairman of Philosophy-in-Business (PiB) and the Koestenbaum Institute, in exemplifying on his philosophy in business principles notes that, there are four dimensions to leadership: vision, reality, ethics and courage. All of which he concisely puts in the short quote below:

“The best leaders operate in four dimensions: vision, reality, ethics and courage. These are the four intelligences, the four forms of perceiving, the languages for communicating that are required to achieve meaningful, sustained results. The visionary leader thinks big, thinks new, thinks ahead – and most important, is in touch with the deep structure of human consciousness and creative potential. You must gain control over the patterns that govern your mind: your world view, your beliefs about what you deserve and about what’s possible. That’s the zone of fundamental change, strength, and energy – and the true meaning of courage.”