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The choices we make each day have either positive or negative impacts in our lives. Whatever good decision we make today will always have a good result and equally, whatever bad decision we make today will always have negative consequences.  Oftentimes we hear people saying if only I made the right decision, if only I could rewind the hands of time, I would definitely correct the mistakes i made.

We tend not to realize our being involved in wrong decisions until the time when we see the repercussions. It somehow eludes our notice that we are not building our life properly while at it and only after building do we realize how bend our house(life) is.

A very good example can be derived from a story we are familiar with:

An elderly carpenter who was about to retire  told his Boss about his leaving the company and indicated that he will definitely miss the pay check. Upon hearing his sad story, his Boss became depressed because he was about to lose a very good carpenter; one who had brought meaningful development to the company.

Nevertheless, his Boss decided to ask for one last  personal favour; to build one more house before he left. The carpenter wanting to go home and enjoy his retirement with his beautiful wife decided to build this last house unwillingly and used inferior materials. Finally he had completed the building only to hear that the house he was building was actually his present from the Boss…..WHAT A SHAME!!!!!

If he only knew that, that was his house he was going to do better than that. God has given us this life without realizing that this is our life, we tend not to care so much and only realize in the end….the story above reminds us that each day we add a nail to our building (life), if these nails are not strong enough to hold the building it will definitely fall…therefore let us be aware of the decisions we make today, for they are determinants of tomorrow’s achievement or failure. Dare to make right decisions, and dare to achieve good results. A wise man once said it is at the end of a man’s life when he realizes how important his decisions were at the beginning.