The year 2012 is halfway done; hopefully you have a
lot to show for it. A little over 50% of your targets must either have been
achieved or at least the foundation of their achievement set. It is often amazing where the January zeal for change goes by the time we reach mid-year. Instead of being excited, most of us are already procrastinating and giving excuses of doing better next year, but how often will you continue saying next year? In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t grow any younger with the passing of days. Any day that goes without anything
to show for it is a wasted resource. I have found that the chief reason for most people’s
failures is the inability and unwillingness to break their dreams into doable, small
daily tasks that cumulatively lead to bigger success. Success, I must reiterate,
is made up of daily tasks done well.

It is indispensable to have very big, hairy, audacious
goals but they are of no use if you can’t make a deliberate daily plan to meet
them. The achievement of these big, hairy, audacious goals lies in the ability
break them down and fit them into your daily schedule.

So have you broken down your Big Goals into daily
tasks? Does your schedule incorporate the broken down goals to assure you a
steady attempt at being your best?

Remember, years come as days, and unless and until you
learn to take the days seriously, your years won’t amount to much. The same is
true for your big goals; they can only be achieved by breaking them down into
steady everyday tasks. You must THINK BIG, but be willing to START SMALL.Image