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Whatever you desire to create of your life cannot be achieved until & unless you are able to clearly see it in your mind, in vivid colors and then proceed to act on it. Visualizing what you want helps identify and separate it from a crowd of mere wishes and intentions to the painstaking light of achievement. Beyond bringing clarity to your desires/dreams, naming what you want will propel you into achievement and boost your chutzpah for more aspirations as follows:

  • More interest (Desire/Purpose) into your work.
  • More concentration (Vision) upon the tasks.
  • More persistence (determination/unwavering-perseverance) into your efforts

You need to be clearer about what you want and make a shot at making your plans/hopes/dreams come true. Success does not respond to generic intentions & calls; the same way you don’t respond when somebody calls you as “You” instead of using your name.

Instead of saying you want to be rich, why not say I want to have 5 houses? 2 companies? 1 foundation (charity)? 1 car? etc.

Specificity is a sign of a resolved mind and beckons what you specify to your realisation.

Make it your goal today, not to define what you do not want but instead start to define what you desire so that when it comes you can recognize and call it by name.