Just like men and women alike have stopped using chariots anymore in favour of more efficient and faster machines, everything also seems to have followed suit. The rate at which development and products are becoming obsolete is both exciting and scary. Exciting because we are able to benefit from much more efficient and better services at every turn of the clock but scary because we may have to keep a fast paced lifestyle in almost all areas to keep up with this pace. A classic example being the roll out of Apple’s Ipad  which was followed by the second generation in such a short span of time and being offered at the same price as the older one.

The fast paced rate of development presents both opportunities and challenges in knowledge accumulation for business executives and all other career pursuits, as a failure to keep pace will result in redundancies while a paced up approach will increase the benefits. In terms of academic pursuits and qualifications, what seemed like a comfortable lead a few years ago is no longer a lead at all as evidenced clearly by the phasing out of some certificate courses and the master’s degree soon becoming a basic qualification. Nascent fields such as social entrepreneurship (a blend between capitalist and philanthropic) have stood to challenge our traditional way of doing business, they have reminded us that there’s a big need to balance the social and financial returns since businesses exist in communities that stage the platform for profits. These novel concepts and fast paced developments present an inevitable challenge and step.

The Inevitable step

To become and/or achieve inimitable competitiveness, at both individual and organizational level, on the market and be able to cope with such contemporary issues, there must equally  be fast paced strides for multi-skilled Leaders and entrepreneurs, with a hunger for learning, knowledge and constant development of self. This will entail a great deal of commitment and investment to learn.

Faced with such challenges, the best investment will be to adopt a fast paced investment in learning and developing the rate at which we are adopting and infusing technological changes.