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Regardless of your field, pursuit or ambitions, people skills are a very critical leverage for your success and achievements. This contention is made truer by making reference to what Jesse Vickey, Andy Ferguson and Nicole Vickey in their book “Life After School Explained” indicate;

“Researchers at Harvard, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center have all concluded that 85 percent of job success comes from people skills — only 15 percent comes from technical skills and knowledge.”

This ability ranks among the greatest of talents and gifts that God has endowed on men from various endeavours and undertakings (For all was also established by His Word). It’s no wonder Daniel Webster echoed that:

“If all my talents were taken from me by some inscrutable Providence, and I had my choice of keeping just one, I would unhesitantly ask to be allowed to keep the Power of Speaking, for through it, I would quickly recover all the rest.”

Your Achievement Hinges on It!

This ability to communicate your thoughts into another person’s mind is a tact that is achieved with enough devotion and much practice; this may more often than not mean taking every opportunity to speak as a pathway to improving the Skill.

Regardless of the reason for which you want to learn or practice Public Speaking; to educate, persuade, inform, convert or compel, it is an inevitable tool, as each one of us is at some point in time faced with an opportunity to communicate their thoughts  to an audience, mostly taking various forms,  a toast at a brothers wedding, Preaching to fellow congregants,   class presentation, an investors meeting, work meeting, boardroom, Job interview, project defense, product marketing, Public policy debate and/or discussion etc. Whatever, you’ll need some basic lessons to help you dodge the embarrassment or saliva-dry-out-trap or tongue-less experience and  keep you comfortably standing in the multitude of attentive individuals, all awaiting to hear from you.

Suggested readings and books:

Stand and Deliver: The Dale Carnegie Method to Public Speaking [Audio book] by Dale Carnegie

Between One and Many: The Art and Science of Public Speaking by Steve Brydon and Michael Scott

How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People By Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie